Grade 1 Curriculum



Grade 1 Curriculum

Unit 1

Where I belong

Essential Questions:

What is a community?

What communities am I a part of?

What is our classroom community?

What is our school campus culture?

What is the community outside our school like?

Unit Subjects:

Language arts


Social studies

Student Understandings:

1. We are all part of different communities (home, classroom, school, city)

2. We are all similar and different from each other

3. We work together to make our community work


Unit 2

The stories people have to tell.

What we learn from stories can help us to write and perform our own stories.

Essential Questions:

What lessons can we learn from different types of stories?

Can we change and re-write stories?

Can we use dance, movement, music and art to tell a story?

Can we learn from stories from different countries and cultures?

Unit Subjects:

Language arts, Math

Student Understandings:

Students will develop their knowledge about myths, fairy tales and legends

Students will be able to write or re-write a story.

Students will be able to see/learn the value of stories.


Unit 3

Me and my shadow
What would happen if there were no lights on our planet? Light helps plants to grow, it warms the planet, and it allows us to see all the wonders around us.

Essential Questions:

What are different light sources? / What causes day and night?

What different sources of light can we find in our school and local area?

Which materials can reflect light?

How shadows are made?

Would light be important in many festivals and celebrations?

Unit Subjects:



Social studies

Student Understandings:

1. We will use observations of light to describe the properties of light and dark

2. We will observe and identify objects in the day and night sky.

3. They will begin to understand the sun and moon’s orbit around the Earth.

4. They will start understanding that the sun is the source of heat and light for Earth and is essential for plant growth.


Unit 4

Push me, pull me

Every move we make is the result of ‘pushes’ or ‘pulls’.

Essential Questions:

How do you use forces and motion in your every day life?

What is pushes and pulls?

Could we change the speed of a moving object?

Could we only use our body to push and pull objects? (Magnets/air and water)

What children’s games from around the world use pushes and pulls?

Unit Subjects:

Science, Technology, Math

Student Understandings:

1. Students will understand that all forces are either a push or a pull

2. Students will perform movements that are pushes and pulls.

3. Students will learn direction words for motions made with a rubber ball.

4. Students will make predictions and perform an experiment using a rubber ball that is rolled down a ramp at consecutively higher heights.


Unit 5

Going back in time.

Finding and solving clues from our past help us understand things around us today.

Essential Questions:

  • What is a timeline?
  • What important events have happened in our local area?
  • What sources and resources could we use to learn about a national event

Unit Subjects:

Social studies, Language, Math and Science

Student Understandings:

Students will begin to understand and use a timeline

Students will be come aware of events that are important to us

Students will explore events of global significance by asking and answering questions