Middle School Technology Exploration Curriculum

Course Description:

The exploratory courses in middle school offer the students a chance to pursue special activities or to discover new interests. Middle School Technology Exploration class is designed to allow students to explore a variety of computer applications such as Gaming software, Music creation, and Multimedia Applications.  Students are required to show their final product of their exploration in any useful format that could be used in real life.  Example of applications that they will be exploring:

Gaming: (3D Modeling)

-       Blender

-       Unity


-       Djay

-       Garage Band

Multimedia Applications:

-       Scratch

-       Photoshop


  • How the technology has reshaped our lives.
  • Exploration and Choices

Skills and Understandings:

Students will develop skills in the areas of:

  • 3D game creation.
  • Music creation and remixing music.
  • Using text and picture to create a multimedia product.

Students will understand:

  • How gaming software is built
  • How computer programming works (learning about coding).

This course upholds the KAS mission statement by:

  • Enabling students to explore different technologies that can enrich their learning and strengthen their skills of being global citizens.
  • Allowing students to build a strong sense of personal commitment and dedication to their own learning.
  • Empowering students to be productive, communicative, and responsible through the commitment of meeting the requirements of each project of exploration.