Math Curriculum

The goal of our elementary math curriculum at Khartoum American school is based on a philosophy of inquiry learning, and seeks to create an atmosphere where students see and understand math as an important part of their daily lives. Our students communicate their mathematical ideas confidently, clearly, and successfully, both orally and in written form. Our program offers each child a broad background and a rich experience in mathematics. Children take an investigative approach, and build conceptual understanding by experiencing mathematical concepts concretely, enabling them to move confidently to the abstract.

The foundation for our math program is built upon a framework for teaching, learning, and assessing at all grade levels using the AERO standards and performance indicators. These standards emphasize a balanced approach along with the key content strands in our Everyday Mathematics series:

  • Number Theory
  • Operations & Computation
  • Measurement
  • Data and Chance
  • Geometry
  • Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

Through a wide range of assessments, our curriculum encourages the consistent growth of critical thinking skills through problem solving based on everyday situations. At Khartoum American school we advocate a student-centered, collaborative and cross-curricular approach. We acknowledge the children’s diverse development and natural disposition to learn. In response, we differentiate our instruction to make learning experiences accessible and engaging. We believe that such an approach, further strengthened by a strong home-school connection will empower our students to flourish in the 21st century.